Who we are

Verdes y Rebeldes is a new landscaping and gardening project. “Verdes” (green) stems from our love for green organic things and “Rebeldes” (rebels) of our desire to create, where the only limit is the one set by our customers.

We focus on employing vegetation, both indoors and outdoors, to ‘splash’ your environment green. We want to help you materialize your green vision and ideas in order to help you design a space in which you find yourselves at home.

Our idea is simple: to create urban gardens and to spread among city-dwellers like you the infinite possibilities and goodness that a greener city can offer. To design and install spaces for ornamental or edible plants in your home or your business, to help you nurture them and to make them flourish.

Martin Svensson

After almost 10 years in the nursing work environment, I feel that it is time for a change. The seed was already planted when as a child spent summers at the cottage of my grandparents in Sweden. Happy to be retired, they had two huge fields where they grew vegetables and ornamentals. Walking through the fields, I was filled with a huge sense of peace and happiness.

Lately, I've been experiencing technical urban horticulture in my deck of Barcelona, trying to recreate, explore and revive the memory of the past. Season after season, harvest after harvest, gardening and horticulture have occupied a central place in my life.

After conducting several courses in gardening, I have decided to launch this project hoping to share it with you.

What do we do

What kind of service is offered by our company? We will design, will plan and build your space. We take care of maintenance, if necessary. We will help you create your own green corner in any space you have available, whether it is a window sill, a lounge, a balcony or terrace, or a solar next to your house. Our philosophy is to start working with what we have and improve it.


We design, plan, develop and adapt your chosen space, according to your own vision and needs.


We install the chosen plant project and take care of monitoring the entire process.


We take care of your green space maintenance to keep it in perfect conditions.

Workshops and Courses

How do I set up and take care of an urban vegetable garden in my own home? We will learn how to build a small vegetable garden, how to prepare the soil with fertiliser, what seeds are the best to plant, how to maintain the patch and what are the best tricks in order for it to become our favourite edible garden.

Green coaching

Do your plants need a little bit of extra love and care? Is there a corner of your garden that is giving you headaches? Insects, dry leaves, plants looking sad? Do you want to renovate your vegetable garden and you don’t know where to start? We will visit you and help you immediately, and will offer you an easy and quick solution.

Completed projects

Decorative stones entrance office (Poblenou, Barcelona)

Improvement of the entrance of the office in Adam Hall, Poblenou. Preparation of border with decorative stones, and transplanting plants to containers.

Vertical garden balcony (Gracia, Barcelona)

Installation of vertical garden and trellis on balcony.

Terrace wooden decks (Poblenou, Barcelona)

Renovation of wooden decks on terrace. Cleaning of facade concrete walls.

Pergola balcony (Gracia, Barcelona)

Installation of pergola and plants on balcony.

Raised border (La Bisbal d’Empordà)

Design, construction and plantation of raised border in private garden.

Vertical garden (Poblenou, Barcelona)

We have installed tailor-made boxes, wires, heathers and irrigation system in a private terrace.

Private terrace (Sants, Barcelona)

We have designed, installed garden boxes and planted climber plants in a 10 sq. meter terrace.

Indoor shop (Born, Barcelona)

Design and installation of green spaces in a concept store in Born



To inspire your co-workers and improve the working environment.

Vertical gardens

Maximize limited space, increases accessibility and beautify the environment.

Urban gardens

Becoma a city peasant.


A space to relax and desconnectar from hectic urban life.


Almost everything that grows in a garden can be grown on a balcony.

Window sills

All you need is a little light.


A patio offers you a peaceful oasis.


Create a private space for you to relax.


Improve the quality of the air and your health.

Plant your first seed and contact us


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